So, what is Hubdoc?

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What is all this hype about Hubdoc you may ask?

Hubdoc is an application designed to make your business’s bookkeeping paperless. Yes, you read that right… PAPERLESS!

With the touch of a button, it enables you to upload your receipts, bills, bank statements and invoices to the cloud, keeping them all in one place without the usual bulk and chaos of physical paperwork. Simply fantastic! The application is engineered to extract key information from the documents that you upload, converting the information into usable data.

There are a few ways that it allows you to upload your information; you can take a photo of your physical receipts straight from the app, you can forward attachments to the unique email address, or you can scan and upload using existing paper files.

Once you have uploaded your existing paperwork, you can move closer to becoming paperless by linking all your bills to your account. The best part is that this will automatically pull through all your existing information under that same account.

Still not sold? Think of it as a way of backing up and audit-proofing your business. Your records will be available at any time, on many different devices, with the touch of a button.

There’s no need to be worried about security because Hubdoc uses bank level safety measures to protect your information. It also won’t let you edit or update any of your financial information – it simply just reads and converts it into data.

The best news is that Xero is introducing a Hubdoc integration which will be included in your monthly Xero fee from 18th March! It’s a win win!

Want to learn more?

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We can help!

Give us a call on 03 9810 3666 or email us at info@hta.com.au and we can walk you through its functions in more detail.



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