Client Conversation: Q-Exec Consulting Group

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Client Conversation: Q-Exec Consulting Group

HTA Advisory has a broad spectrum of clients across many industries. Our Client Conversation offers an opportunity for us to present our clients to our readership in a way that shares their passion for what they do.

This month we introduce you to 


Good morning Phil, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. Can you tell me about you, your past experience and what lead to you starting Q-Exec Consulting Group?

After completing a Bachelor of Economics degree I embarked on a Corporate career, initially as a Corporate Planner, then Marketing Planning Manager with Philip Morris Australia and culminating in General Management roles with Shell Australia in Melbourne. I then ran my own Wholesale/Import and Distribution business which I sold to an American Company in the late 1990’s. Following the sale of my Wholesale/Import business and searching for a new challenge I was headhunted to a National Recruitment Consulting Business as a Principal Consultant prior to founding Q-Exec Consulting Group in 2006.

So tell me what is your business and the service you offer?

We are an executive search and general recruitment consultancy. Our clients include Corporate, SME’s and some Government.

In terms of “what we do”:

You know how damaging and costly it is to employ the wrong person in any role within your business?

Well what we do is help our clients to adopt a consistent and proven process to ensure that you do not make bad hires that will negatively impact the bottom line.

In fact we recently took on a brief from client who was desperate to fill a client service position but had struggled to find a candidate that was professional, with a strong work ethic and also a good fit with the culture of their organization. Identifying the core competencies required to excel in the role, we filled the position within two weeks 

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today?

Some SME businesses have the view that they cannot afford to engage a specialist recruiter however they overlook the “opportunity cost” (lost revenue, salary, induction, training, client relationships, etc) associated with an unfilled position or the negative impact on the bottom line of making a “bad hiring decision”.

Once we engage on an assignment we are 100% focused on the process and delivering where it counts! By clearly agreeing with the client the “core competencies” required for a candidate to excel in the role(rather than merely meet the minimum requirement), we apply proven processes and search techniques to identify suitable candidates. The outcome is that the position is filled promptly and most importantly with a candidate who will fit the culture of the organization and add value to the business.

In regard to cost, we can tailor the recruitment strategy to meet the needs of our client and our costs are both reasonable and extremely competitive.

To ensure your business is profitable, what steps/tools do you have in place?

As a specialist executive search and recruitment consultancy, we maintain tight control over our fixed costs (overheads). We also have extensive “associated partner firm networks” that enables us to tap into an extensive data base of candidates Australia wide. We work exclusively for our clients which ensures that we are totally committed to identifying the right candidate to fill your vacancy. Once engaged by a client we will not take on assignments for your competitors within the same industry sector.

What sets your business apart from other recruitment consultants?

It is the combination of our total commitment to deliver for our clients, our strong commercial orientation and experience that enables us to comprehend the complexities of each assignment, the consistent application of proven processes and “the partnership approach” we bring to the client relationship!

Thank you so much for chatting with me Phil. 

If anyone would like to discover more about Phil and his business you can check out his website here or are welcome to contact him directly on or 0412 067 396.




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