Business and the power of knowledge

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Business and the power of knowledge

The Power of Knowledge. The Strength of Competence.

No small business owner sets out to fail, but the reality is many do. Inexperience and limited cash flow are possibly the two biggest barriers to small business success. Both can be overcome with the right business plan, structure and advice.

Much of your success rests on developing a business structure to fit your circumstances. Often we assess a new clients’ position and discover they have not carefully considered their current structure. This generally results in an unfavourable tax and asset protection position.

HTA structures your business for future success by: 

  • Identifying the most favourable business structure for your specific personal needs
  • Advising on effective ways to minimise tax and protect your business and personal assets
  • Restructuring where we identify you are operating in a less than optimum business structure

Give us a call to find out how we can help should you require an independent review of your business structure.



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