Xero Update: Multiple email addresses for each contact

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In the modern world where paper is becoming increasingly obsolete, we all seem to have multiple email addresses for different business contacts to receive our correspondence.


Up until recently Xero didn’t cater for the fact that you may need to send an invoice or correspondence to different people within an organisation. The wait is over!  One of Xero’s top-requested features has finally been released. When you don’t want to use a Contact’s default email address, you can now choose alternative email addresses from a list.

The following outlines how to include additional email addresses in your “Contacts”.

How to add or edit the primary person and additional people

  1. When you are logged into your Xero file, click on the Contacts tab and select All Contacts
  2. Find the Contact you wish to Edit and click on the Contact Name
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. You can add a primary person to your Contact. If you don’t have a primary person you can choose to have invoices or statements addressed to an individual by using the Attention field under Contact Details on the contact.
  5. If you add an email address for your primary person this will appear on the email when you send invoices, credit notes, statements, remittance advices and purchase orders for this Contact.
  6. You can add additional email addresses, up to 5 other people, to the Contact so they’ll also appear on emails.  Click on + Add another person. You must have a primary person’s email address entered before you can add additional people




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